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List of papers for presentation in class

The list of papers for presentation by the students is given below per major course topic. One paper will be assigned to each student.

Consider the following resources as help:

1. Network Measurement

1.1 G. Maier A. Feldmann V. Paxson M. Allman, On Dominant Characteristics of Residential Broadband Internet Traffic, in Proc. ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), 2009

Keywords: network traffic characterization, broadband Internet access

Assigned to Mathias Karlsson.

1.2 H. Kim, K. Claffy, M. Fomenkov, D. Barman, M. Faloutsos, and K. Lee, Internet traffic classification demystified: myths, caveats, and the best practices, in Proc. ACM CoNEXT, 2008

Keywords: application classification, network traffic analysis, machine learning

Assigned to David Gugelmann.

1.3 I. Trestian, S. Ranjan, A.Kuzmanovi, A. Nucci, Unconstrained Endpoint Profiling (Googling the Internet), in Proc. ACM SIGCOMM, 2008

Keywords: clustering, endpoint profiling, google, traffic classification, traffic locality

Assigned to Xiang Fang.

2. Wireless Mesh Networks

2.1 Joshua Robinson, Ram Swaminathan, Edward W. Knightly, "Assessment of urban-scale wireless networks with a small number of measurements," In Proc. of ACM MobiCom 2008.

Keywords: access network, coverage, deployment, measurement assessment, mesh networks, signal strength, wireless.

Assigned to Nicolas Perrenoud.

2.2 Mythili Vutukuru, Hari Balakrishnan, Kyle Jamieson, "Cross-layer Wireless Bit Rate Adaptation," In Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM 2009.

Assigned to Pascal Bissig.

3. Mobility Modeling

3.1 Kyunghan Lee, Seongik Hong, Seong J. Kim, Injong Rhee, Song Chong, SLAW: A Mobility Model for Human Walks, Infocom 2009

Keywords: user mobility, trace processing, self-similarity, long-range dependence (Hurst parameter).

Not assigned.

3.2 A. Scherrer, P. Borgnat, E. Fleury, J.-L. Guillaume, C. Robardet, Description and simulation of dynamic mobility networks, Computer Networks, v.52, i.15, Oct. 2008

Keywords: Dynamic Networks, Network Models, Complex Systems, Random Graphs, Statistical Analysis, Stochastic Process, Data Mining.

Not assigned.

4. Delay Tolerant Networks

4.1 A. Balasubramanian, B. N. Levine, A. Venkataramani, DTN routing as a resource allocation problem, in Proc. ACM SIGCOMM 2007.

Keywords: DTN, deployment, mobility, routing, utility

Assigned to Georgia Giannopoulou.

4.2 Sachin Katti, Hariharan Rahul, Wenjun Hu, Dina Katabi, Muriel Medard, Jon Crowcroft, "XORs in The Air: Practical Wireless Network Coding". SIGCOMM, 2006.

Keywords: network coding, wireless networks, implementation.

Assigned to Stefan Kronig.

5. Social Networks

5.1 Atif Nazir, Saqib Raza, Chen-Nee Chuah, "Unveiling Facebook: A Measurement Study of Social Network Based Applications," In Proc. of IMC 2008

Assigned to Georgios Nomikos.

5.2 P. Hui, J. Crowcroft, E. Yoneki, Bubble Rap: Social Based Forwarding in Delay Tolerant Networks, in Proc. ACM MobiHoc 2008.

Keywords: centrality, community, delay tolerant network, forwarding, pocket switched network, social network

Assigned to Sumit Kumar.


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