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The goal of the Blue* [BlueStar] project is to develop networking applications for Bluetooth-based devices. We are interested in new communication protocols and schemes that are targeted to the specific properties of such devices and networks thereof.

In particular such devices often feature various sensors (microphone, camera, temperature, etc.) and communication among them is affected by the mobility of the devices and the ad-hoc nature of connectivity among them.

The Blue* project intends to come up with a platform that provides generic building blocks to simplify the development of new applications and communication schemes.

Developed Applications


BlueDating is a dating application for Java enabled mobile phones with Bluetooth support. Using the application, a user specifies its own personal profile and the profile of the person that he wants to meet. When two persons come into physical proximity, profile information is exchanged between their mobile phones over Bluetooth, and a distributed matching algorithm determines how well the persons fit together. If the match is successfull, both persons are notified and receive additional information about the other person such as phone number, picture, etc. The matching algorithm itself considers privacy issues by design by preventing the disclosure of personal profile information at all times. The application has been successfully implemented and tested on the Nokia 6630.


The BlueLocator application is a location service based on the Bluetooth technology. It is targeted at indoor localization of mobile users with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. To locate users in a building, Bluetooth devices at fixed positions constantly scan their neighborhood to determine the users in their proximity. A user looking for his friend can query the location service via Bluetooth to obtain the current position of the friend. We plan to use this application in the future at ETH and at large events where it is often difficult to locate friends.


Bluetella is a file sharing application for Java enabled mobile phones with Bluetooth support. A user can share files such as ringtones, pictures, etc. with other Bluetella users. We use a "store-and-forward" approach to find files over long distances. To find a file in the Bluetella network, user A can specify and send a search request. The search request can contain a file name, or meta-information such as file type, artist name, etc. The request is sent to other Bluetella phones in range. If files matching the request are found on user B's phone, user A can start the download. Otherwise the search request may be stored in the "popular requests" lists of the neighbour phones (e.g. user B). When user B moves, he may come across user C who offers files requested in his "popular request" list. User B downloads this files to his phone. When user B meets user A again, user A is able to download the requested file from user B. Hence, our "store-and-forward" approach exploits user mobility to send files over long distances. The application has been successfully implemented and tested on the Nokia 6630.

Developed Software


Within this project we discovered that many different applications for Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones have similar requirements. Therfore, instead of re-implementing the same functionality everytime for new applications, we decided to develop a framework with the common application building blocks. The BlueFramework is based on J2ME and therefore works on the most recent mobile phones all vendors. The BlueFramework has a modular design consisting of more than ten modules, including for example a communication module, a discovery module, a security module, etc. An application developer can specify the required modules for his application. Only these modules are then copyied to the mobile phone to save memory.

Open Student Theses

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